Updates for the New Year (Revised)

  Hello, his is Bear . While Reindeer  has already made significant changes to her work focus before the new year, it seems appropriate for me give a short review and to let everybody know about what will and possibly happen this coming year for her. First off, Reindeer will no longer be releasing videos on Tiktok, and it will not be her primary outlet for engagement.  She actually stopped releasing several months ago but I am noting it here for her as well. You can find Reindeer on  Facebook , and  Instagram . Reindeer is focusing more time on her Book currently, but progress has been slower than expected. (mostly due to the reason below). The last several months Reindeer has been dealing with health issues.  She has been sick more days than not. Also she has been in a lot of pain.   There may be new videos in the future but they will be less frequent and will be released on Reindeer's  Facebook  and  You Tube  pages. Eventually much her TikTok content will be migrated over to  Yo

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