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Welcome to my page! I have come a long way since I first began posting online. Though I have been sharing online for several years, it was TikTok that really got the ball rolling. I started a TikTok account as an outlet for my therapy, but it swiftly evolved into so much more. I now use it as an outlet to share one of my life's greatest passions. Foraging, Plants, Herbs and the spiritual properties of the earth's bounty.  I also share instructions on many different DIY nature-based projects we make and use in our home.  I was taken back by the reception I received on TikTok. So many people have told me how much they enjoy these posts and how they have impacted their lives. Sharing my joys with likeminded people has inspired me to share and do more.  My work has always been about learning and doing creative things, and now my husband has created this outlet to make magic happen.   Here I can connect the whole extent of my work and resources in one spot. Where I can use post any

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