My Work

I am a lover of all thing's nature related with a special focus on the magical properties of herbs and other plants. Most of my work and research relates to these subjects.  

I produce educational, fun and interesting content with the goal of being informative while being caring and comforting. It is my passion to express the joy of finding knowledge. Everyone is welcome, no matter where you are on your spiritual path.

Important NOTE:

I no longer release content on TikTok and also have switched to producing video content to an infrequent rate in order to focus on finishing my book. Further videos (when they happen) will be released on my Facebook and YouTube channels.

My Ongoing Series:

  • Herb Blurb 
  • Crystal Blurb 
  • Food Blurb
  • Shadow Work 
  • My Spiritual Practices 
  • Spiritual Talks 
  • Inner Child Work
  • Craft and Spiritual Tutorials 
  • Ask Reindeer 
  • Pockeymancy
  • Morning Cards (Friends & Patrons Exclusive)  
  • Friends Only (Friends & Patrons Exclusive)